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So now it's 4:52...

It's 4:20, and you know what that means.

It means I get to leave in 40 minutes.

Today has just dragged here at work, the only excitement being that we one of my coworkers tried to print out a 2,586 page document this afternoon. When she finally came to me, my first idea was to pull out the paper drawer to keep from wasting any more paper (we couldn't turn it off or unplug it for fear of losing other documents), and my second idea was to cancel the print job. Most of you would have thought of this remedy, but I was the third person she asked after being told twice to call tech support.


Anyway, Offbeat may or may not be practicing tonight. I could use the free time, but my gut feeling is that we're getting together even though our baritone is sick. If we were a big, collegiate group with 153,000 members (like, say, The Madhatters or Tangled Up in Blue) we could withstand an absence or two. There are only five of us though, so when somebody's sick it's kind of a big deal. I think we're searching for another woman though, so if any sopranos or altos are interested...

Hey, look. A few faxes later and it's already 4:40.

On Saturday night I went to Rocky Horror. The Velvet Darkness gave a good performance despite (or possibly partly because of) simultaneous wardrobe malfunctions. Hal, this is why you had to be 18 before they'd let you join cast. The curtain came down and the lights went up ten minutes from the end, and it was another five minutes (at least) before the projectionist was discovered at the bar, totally oblivious to the technical difficulties. Sadly, this seems to be becoming a usual occurrence at the Orpheum. The film got going again, but not before almost the entire audience had left.

Ellen and I went with the cast to Country Kitchen where they were understaffed and service was incredibly slow. I learned that there are some items on the menu which I should never order again, and our server said obscene things to Ash. Other than getting home at 5:10 AM, it was a good time.

On Sunday I went to my parents' house to photograph the puppies. My aunt and cousin Maggie had driven over so I visited with them. I live within walking distance of their house, but we only really see each other at family gatherings. I tried to nap a little in front of the TV, but my dad had left it on PBS and I was too interested in the documentary on Islam to actually fall asleep. Did you know that many of the architectural styles we generally associate with the European Renaisance actually originated in the Middle-East and were brought to southern Spain? Me either. Afterward Mom made a delicious meal of manicotti. I went home full, happy and sleep deprived, set an alarm to remind myself to go to bed at 10:00.

I made it by 11:40.
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