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Keith's LAN party

I'm at Keith's birthday party in Janesville. Everybody who usually shows up to these things is here -- Chad, Lindsay, Keith (cuz, y'know, it's his party), Tom, Shannon, Jordan... Jordan's the one I mentioned running into a couple of weeks ago, and he has a journal on Xanga. Theyre all playing Jedi Knight II (or something), and I'm doing what I do. It's fine. I'm enjoying myself.

Anyway, from Jordan's journal I've found a link to Robert's journal which I'm gonna have to check out.

I'll be leaving in a little while to head back to Madison in time to meet Ellen for Rocky Horror. I've consumed exactly no caffeine today, so I'll probably pop a Vivarin or two when I get home. Nah, better make it one. I won't be getting a lot of sleep tonight, and I just need enough caffeine to wake me up a little. Lindsay was thinking about going too, but nobody else wants to come so it looks like it's just gonna be me.
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