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Colin need sleep.

I'm exhausted.

I'm exhausted because I've gone to bed around 5:00 AM the last two days, and gotten, collectively seven hours of sleep (or so) since Friday morning.

I wish I could say that I'm gonna stop doing this.

But I'm not. Because I'm an idiot, at least when it comes to managing a livable schedule.

Anyway. Rocky Horror went really well last night -- possibly the best Halloween show I've ever seen. Apparently this is the biggest crowd the Tiny Fools have ever had, and it's the first time I've been to a Halloween show which didn't consist of two hours of white noise. That was nice. Less nice is the fact that my throat felt like I've been eating sandpaper. I picked Jess, Lantry and Sylvia up fairly early to go to the show. Driving on Friday night had been a nightmare, so I was really worried about having Sylvia along. Downtown Madison is not a good place to drive on Halloween weekend, and I was worried about the crowds on State Street. Luckily, aside from an unexpected detour, we pretty much avoided all this stuff. When we did run into a crowd, they were more interested in fawning over the baby than anything else, which is good. Finally, Jess, Lantry and I were all worried that Sylvia might be too loud and cause us to leave during the show, but she managed to sleep through the whole thing like a b-- let's just say she slept a lot.

Following the show we went to County Kitchen and then I went home and went to sleep. For about three hours. I got up earlier than I wanted to, was out all day, and somehow the only noteworthy thing I can think of is that I got home half an hour ago and have just installed Alone In The Dark 4 so I can play through it again.

That's pretty sad.
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