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#4: I will replace "thank you" with "DIE DIE DIE" in polite conversation.

So TMBG played Luther's Blues last night. Actually, it was more of an interview with music. They alternated between conversing with The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz and playing songs. It was a good show, despite a few technical difficulties. They opened with Robot Parade, and Flansburgh's guitar cut out a few seconds in. He got it sorted out, but I imagine that it's hard to hold the mic in one hand while using the other to fix your equipment during a song where you're singing the lead.

This was the smallest setup I've ever seen them use, as no Dans were present, just their drummer Marty. Linnell used the accordion more than I've ever seen him do, too. I lost track of what they played, but the high point for me was probably Flying V, which they played by request during the encore. We also got the extended version of Alphabet of Nations and Fingertips. Fingertips is always strange to hear live, and it's even weirder sans Dans.

I went to the show with Ellen, and we were there early enough to get seats in the second row, right in front of Linnell's keyboard setup. It was her first time seeing TMBG and she had good time. Ellen says that John Linnell is cute, which I'm noticing is status quo for women who like TMBG. I'm considering losing a bunch of weight and getting poorly-fitted braces to mess up my teeth.

Anyway, I saw emjay42 and exairian come in, as well as an old coworker named Erin, Stan who (mercifully) didn't notice me, and various and sundry other people I recognize from school or (pathetically) other TMBG concerts. That unpleasant guy with the filthy afro? He was there, and a few rows over. I didn't say hi to any of these people, but I did say hi to lillia_revan who took the bus from Milwaukee. Hi was about all we got to say because she needed to get a seat before the show started, and nobody really had time to hang out after the show. We promised each other that we'd hang out sometime when she comes to town.

Anyway, TMBG. Good show. Had fun.

Now, to more serious business:

Today is the day that I have to go over my goals for the next year with my boss. She distributed a worksheet a few days ago which we were supposed to fill out. Here's mine:

It came back this morning with a note asking me to fill out the back side of the form which asks me to detail how I'll attain these goals. I thought I could go over it with my boss, but she wants me to come up with the answers myself. Any ideas?
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