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Spring Cleaning

I have not run out of work today, but I'm doing a major desk reorganization anyway. Long ago I had divided everything -- paper clips, pens, rubber bands, highlighters, etc. -- into paper cups bearing Xeroxed pictures of their contents. For a while these sufficed (and looked cool, I might add), but eventually my desk became less cluttered, and now the cups just look messy. I needed something neater, so now they're all sitting in a smart (if inoffensive) Eldon desk organizer. Not the one you gave me, evil_jim, but one identical to it. Before you tell me that you could've gotten me one for free from work, I would remind you that by purchasing it at 10 times its raw material cost, I am ensuring (on some miniscule level) your continued employment. And by purchasing it with my debit card, I'm ensuring mine.

Anyway, going through my desk I was surprised at the sheer number of writing utensils I've been collecting, primarily the pencils.

I had 39 pencils at my desk.

Of these, three say "Happy Halloween," one says "Halloween Moon," one says "LeHigh University, Bethlehem, PA," and one says, unimpressively, "M&I Data Services - We're an extension of you." There's an unsharpened Cartoon Network pencil with a worn down eraser, and two Spiderman pencils, one of which is mechanical. All of these (and the extra pens I have) are going somewhere far away from my desk where somebody else can worry about them. All, that is, except for the mechanical Spiderman pencil (it's the only mechanical I have that works), and the Lisa Frank pencil which is covered with sheep in an Easter motif, and has a big, rubber sheep eraser. That one is being reserved as a gift for someone special who has a thing for sheep. That person is probably reading this, and if it's you, I have a sheep pencil for you. Never used. It's pretty cool.

I'm probably also keeping the rubber snake with a pen in it.

I've got rid of about 120 T-pins which had been sitting in a cup at my desk. My boss suggested that I stick them into the AEG's wall, and I managed to get most of them in there while her cubical was vacant. When she discovers them (and she hasn't yet), she'll probably freak out because they're covered with unidentifiable bits of dried organic matter, thanks to having been part of the famous Wall of Named Raisins which I refuse to discuss with anybody.

I'm afraid that the toys are going to have to come down, too. The miniature He-Man figures, the ceramic policeman carrying a loaf of French bread (they tell me it's supposed to be a truncheon, but it looks more like a loaf of bread. Maybe a salami.), the rubber duck wearing sunglasses, the Garbage Pail Kids, the Engrish-bearing silverware... I think all of these will have to come down, at least for awhile. They collect dust. People move them around. They get knocked over. If I had a metric butt-ton of free time and could make it look like work, I'd rearrange everything neatly to make my cube look like Pee-Wee's Playhouse. I don't though, and I think a more muted, tasteful style is in order. Something easier to dust. Maybe a plant or two. More lights.

Another thing I should probably take down is the smiley face covered in darts with the caption "You."

I'm undecided about the letter from Richard Nixon declaring my "in" basket open for public use.
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