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Break out the 286!

Yeah, so, I was screwing around at work the other day and discovered that Russian Underwear Software is still alive and kicking. Suddenly it occurred to me that waaaaay back in, oh, let's call it 1998, I took over the design of their spy-thriller, Mole: From Russia Without Underwear. After a couple of false starts, I put the concept aside indefinitely. Maybe it's time to take it up again. After all, other than a few small diversions to keep me from doing my job in an efficient manner, CGS hasn't really done any major releases since 1997. Has the time come for me to reenter the world of entertainment software? Has the time come once again for me to beat the giants of the video game industry into submission? Is the world finally ready for text mode, 320x200 VGA graphics, and superior pc-speaker sound?

I think so.

Friends, we are poised on the brink of revolution. Prepare yourselves for the return of Captain Spleen, the eventual release of Mole and maybe, just maybe, the resurrection of The Q-Files, Swashbuckler and Homicide.
Tags: mole, procrastination, promises that i don't intend to keep, russian underwear, video games
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