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Weekend Update: Electric Boogaloo

Having consumed no caffeine today, I feel like I should go to bed but I'm not going to. 's only 8:30. Post to my livejournal, watch Jason and the Argonauts, then I'll feel like going to bed.

Anyway, what'd I do this weekend? Well, on Friday I headed to Janesville immediately after work to hang out with Tom. We had dinner at The Bistro which I've mentioned before but you won't remember it. The Bistro was a nice, cozy little place hung with French wine posters, Persian rugs, candles, and all of the sorts of things that make it an attractive hangout for effemenate screenwriters and middle-aged businesswomen with too much money. At least, it used to be. The Bistro closed a little while back and recently reopened in what used to be an Irish pub. Friday was the first time I'd visited the new location, and inspiring cozy atmosphere has made way for what looks more like an Irish pub with French wine posters. The food was good, but I noticed with dismay that the menu has sort of changed from "Upscale Cafe" to "Expensive Diner."

This is basically what happened to Caffelli's on State Street, except I was more upset about Caffelli's.

After dinner we went back to Tom's apartment. Keith got home from work, and we sort of skimmed the (far from finished) script I've been working on for the Captain Spleen audio drama. It went over well, so I'm going to keep working on it. The frequently-aborted third installment of the Captain Spleen computer game series was discussed. Briefly.

On Saturday evil_jim and I hung out and watched a few episodes of Max Headroom. I've long been a fan of the British pilot episode, but I'd never seen the American series. Jim had never seen any of it. The verdict? We both really enjoyed what we saw -- especially the pilot. Good stuff. Would like very much to see it come out on DVD. Jim was kind enough to burn them onto DVD-Rs for me, but it's one I'd definitely purchase if it were available.

Saturday evening I went to devianttouch and wendybyrd's for Benny's birthday party. I was going to drive Ellen, but she wasn't feeling well so I went alone. I ended up cornered in a bedroom and was made to say "I don't know" in falsetto a lot, but had a pretty good time. Talked to Liz and Nick which doesn't happen half as often as it should.

Today I went to my parent's house, photographed the puppies, and slept through a great deal of a crappy movie called Millennium, in case you wanted to know.
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