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Too many passwords(, you toffee-nosed prat).

I just had to change one of my passwords here at work. I have nine work-specific passwords, and it's very tough to remember them all.

I can hear you asking in that smarmy, thin English accent of yours, "why don't you just use one password? If you have to change one, why don't you change them all?"

Don't take that effete tone with me.

I have, as I said, nine passwords. One of them has never changed. One changes every 40 seconds, and I have to calculate it based on the current date and time. I'm required to change the others at specific intervals (two weeks, 60 days or 90 days). Of those, two can be changed any time I want to change them, and the other five require a phone call to be reset. Two of these charge a fee for a password reset.

It's hard to keep track of all my passwords, especially since I'm the kind of guy who never writes them down. Back when the Internet was first becoming available to those outside of universities and the government, the popular advice was to use a different password for everything. People who gave this suggestion apparently didn't consider the sheer number of porn sites they'd be able to subscribe to by the late '90s, and now I hear people counsel each other to use one password for everything. I can't do this without making phone calls and costing my department money. This isn't worth it.

I just know that tomorrow I'm going to blow the three login attempts they give me, and then I'll have to call and get my password reset.

I suppose my biggest problem is that the passwords I choose are pretty good ones. You know how they tell you to purposely misspell a word or combine letters and numbers? I actually do that, and no, my password isn't TMBG42. It hasn't been TMBG42 since I was 15, when it became the far more secure TMBG69 (after the sex position, not the symbol for cancer, you British sicko).

They (by which I mean whomever scripted the movie Hackers) say that "God," "sex" and "love" are the three most commonly-used passwords, but for what it's worth most of my friends seem to use "007," "MISTERGENTLEFINGER," and "limey4eva."
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