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"Like, I'll squirt the Southwest Sauce into their ears and beat on them with the Honey-Oat bread..."

So the drive to and from Eau Claire were both uneventful, and the errand that needed running went off without a hitch. Afterward though I got yelled at by Sean who had apparently taken personally what I posted last night so we had a discussion on chore distribution. He's not wrong, but I can't really be expected to shovel the sidewalk if somebody else has already done before I know it's snowed (which is usually how it happens). On the other hand, he goes back and forth on my dishes policy (last time he was pro, tonight he was severely con) so I never really know how he feels about this stuff.

Oh, but the kitchen is in pretty good shape right now.

After the yelling, ribsinbacon and I hung out for a couple of hours. We managed to run into my friend Jordan. You guys remember Jordan, right? He's that guy who used to be ten years old and whom I don't think I've ever mentioned on my journal. Yeah, that's the one. Jordan was my friend Robert's annoying neighbor when we were growing up, and he had a habit of entering Robert's house through the garage to play Super Mario World when nobody was home (or so I'm told). We used to swear to him that I was a foreign exchange student from Scotland and he'd believe us, partly because I do a good accent, but mostly because he was eight.

Jordan eventually grew up to be a good kid with fewer serious personality problems than most of our mutual friends.

We obstructed the checkout counter at Electronics Boutique for a good twenty minutes while we talked about his band, how I'm a bad person for not caring about Star Wars, and how I should attend more LAN gaming parties. He's right (about the parties, not Star Wars). I don't game (in fact, I usually just plug into the network and check out everybody else's porn shared files), but if I went I'd see more of my "closest" friends. Closest is a relative term, considering that I've not seen Jordan since early 2003...

Anyway, Ribs is on his Weight Loss Revenge 2005 World Tour, so we went to Subway where he knew he could get a meal that would work with his diet. We went to that "new" Subway on the far east side of town. It's been there for a year (or two by now?), but most of us still consider it new. They're perfectly situated to catch a big lunch crowd, but when we got there around 7:15, the guy behind the counter was on the verge of going nuts because business was so slow. We promised that if he ever chose to flip out during his shift, we'd show up with a video camera and um, put it online... retrospect, I can't remember why we thought it would be a good idea to do that. Maybe it's time for me to go to bed.
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