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No, there is too much to essplain. Lemme sum up:

Impromptu trip to Eau Claire tomorrow: Sounds fun, don't it? No, it really doesn't, but that's okay. It's what I'm doing tomorrow though, and I've just called my boss and the AEG to let them know I won't be in. I'll miss out on a Food Day and my boss' boss' going away party. Oh, did I mention that the AEG is back from maternity leave? No? Well, she is.

Out kitchen is a disaster area: It's just as well that I'm missing out on Food Day because I'd have to excavate the kitchen sink and wash some dishes in the bathtub. The sink is actually not so bad this time, but it's full and we missed trash day last week. I've also never seen so many pizza boxes stacked in the corner, and I think it may be as long as three weeks since they've been taken care of. It'll all go outside soon (probably tomorrow night), but I refuse to be the only one that takes it out. Some of the mess is my fault. There's a half-eaten pizza on the counter which is probably Sean's. Only worth mentioning here because he never does stuff like that, but it must be his because he's the only one in the house who still doesn't eat the crusts.

Cell phone etiquette: Okay. Look. If you have plans for the evening and won't be able to answer your phone, please turn it off, leave it in your car, or set it to vibrate. Let callers leave you a voicemail message instead of picking up, saying "I can't talk," and hanging up. For that matter, could you please listen to the message I leave you before you call me back to say "I know you left me a message but I thought I'd return your call insead of listening to it?" -- especially when you know I'm going to be (for example) in East Jerekjovik for the weekend and paying roaming charges out the nose and probably plenty of other bodily orifices? You can always tell that I'm pissed off by how badly I allow a single sentence to run on. Still, I think this paragraph could use about six more "dammit"s and a "friggin'" or two.

Scary dream: Of course I don't remember it now, but I had a pretty unsettling dream last night involving april_tehe moving away, the Bush Administration endorsing the ethnic cleansing of American citizens, and congress passing the "I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours" law. Try as I might I can't remember what the actual law was, but judging from the way I felt when I woke up gasping and drenched in sweat, it wasn't a good thing.

I mean, it wasn't a good gasping and drenched in sweat.
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