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News of the Inconsequential

You may have noticed that when I post links they're never about politics or current events. That's because current events (as in, the current crop of current events, not current events in general) bother me. I'm thankful for matchstyx and his new current events blog, an_angrypenguin, but even reading only the headlines he posts so incenses me that I can't even leave comments to his entries. I'm not even sure how I would leave such comments, as most of them would be verbalized as "buh-- muh-- wh--." In text that translates to "What... the... hell??!??!?!" but I imagine the effect would be lost if I did that every day.

Regardless, here are some less serious items of note. This stuff is all pretty trivial, but at least it doesn't make me want to secede from the human race.

Announcing his candidacy for the Darwin Awards: Though it's tragic, it's hard to ignore the irony of the college student who was ejected from a moving vehicle and killed after writing an essay denouncing federal seatbelt regulations.

A spokesman for Good Taste is quoted as saying "who?" Blink 182 announces indefinite hiatus.

God Said, "Ha!" Apparently KoRn's lead guitarist has found God and quit the band. I wonder who will round out the Bands I Don't Care For trifecta?

Bacon (euphamism) supplanted by bacon (not a euphamism). Ever wish you could pay an attractive woman to cook bacon for you in the privacy of your home? Me either, but the Bacon Whores website suggests that somebody's willing to drop cash for such a service.

The soothing sounds of Space Invaders. Toss out that CD of thunderstorm sounds and head over to the Arcade Ambience Project where you can download an entire CD's worth of ambient arcade sounds from 1981, '83, or '86. The files are pretty huge, but there are smaller samples for those on dialup.

Surf with Snoop. combines the power of the world's greatest search engine with the idiocy of Snoop Dog's "Izzle"speak. It will also translate other sites, as in this excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep, as butchered by Gizoogle:
[S]hadowed on a screen, I saw hooded forms amidst ruins, n yellow evil faces peer'n from behind fallen monuments n shit. And I saw tha world steppin' against blackness; against tha waves of destruction fizzy ultimate space; whirl'n, churn'n, struggl'n around tha dimm'n, pimpin' sun. Then tha sparks played amazingly around tha heezees of tha spectators, n hizzy stood up on end whilst shadows more grotesque tizzle I can tiznell came out n squatted on tha heezees.
Wow, that adds a whole new dimentizzle of horror to the story.
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