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Plane leaves from over there.

First of all, I would just like to express my great relief that the open bottle of olive oil which just fell off my monitor did not spill a single drop. Why did I have an open bottle of olive oil on my monitor? I'm not telling. I'll let you use your imagination because whatever you're thinking has got to be more interesting than the truth.

Anyway, as far as getting stuff done goes, this has been a totally unproductive weekend. I um, I did some shopping, and finished a couple of pieces of music, but otherwise I've had zero physical effect on say, cleaning or um, cleaning. That was sort of my big ambition for the weekend, and I didn't actually do it. At all.

Regardless, Ellen and I got together last night and watched a movie. I'm glad, at least, that we're still seeing each other socially. My plan was to attend Rocky Horror, but Ellen decided when it was time to go that she was probably too tired for it to be a good idea.

It ended up being a good thing for that she stayed home because Rocky started a little late, we got out of the theater a bit later than usual, and when I got to Country Kitchen afterward, I found angelic667 and wyrdsatyr waiting in front of the restaurant. They're not open 24/7 anymore, and were closed. In hindsight, I recall seeing but ignoring a sign about this at their cash register a few months ago. I kept that tidbit of information to myself in favor of not getting beaten up.

After everybody arrived in the parking lot, we held a quick discussion and decided to head across the street to Perkins. I had a good time and drank a lot of coffee, but I don't remember much other than discovering that people I don't even know like On the Road With Chuck & Bernie (which proves, once again, that P.T. Barnum was right). When we left it was snowing, and the roads sucked. I dropped tlhinganhom and sweetconcord off, got home around 5:15 this morning, crashed almost immediately and woke up at 9:45 with a stiff neck and wearing earplugs.

I didn't even know I had earplugs, let alone blaze orange ones.

Anyway, as I said above, I did some shopping, and some more work on my PC-speaker version of the Rocky Horror soundtrack. Yes, I was serious about it, yes I am still working on it. Nearing completion actually, and in the interest of actually getting it done, March's MP3 may be something from the vault rather than something new. I'm trying to come up with a good name for the PC speaker album, and right now Dork Refrains is the best I've got. I implore anyone who's actually read this far to help me come up with something better.

I also discovered this QuickTime video called Nature Anthem this morning which might be worth a look. Nah, I'm just saying that to make other people look at it. It's not marginally unsafe for work, but it might screw with your sanity. I can't figure out whether it's catchy or deplorable.
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