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Offbeat rocked the house. Now I wanna go home.

Offbeat's performance went great. Lauren showed up after all. My voice was in really bad shape by the end, but we got through it and the audience enjoyed it. I s'pose it helps that our their chemistry teacher was singing Ben Harper songs. Let me tell you: if we could've gotten my high school chemstry teacher to sing Steal My Kisses... No, actually, scratch that. My high school chemistry teacher once gave a discussion on napalm and explosives recipes "for when your parents aren't home."

Uh, anyway, we also do a doo-wop song called Don't Do It during which we like to serenade a random audience member. Eric went out into the audience, dragged the French teacher onstage and embarrassed her. She was a good sport. In the last song Eric did a two minute vocal percussion solo, which his students loved. It was a lot of fun.

After the performance I went straight to work. It's become abundantly clear that I'm ill and shouldn't be here right now. I've decided to finish out the day anyway, but things keep getting worse. Not sure what tonight holds in store. Probably a lot of loafing, laundry, and something else that starts with L, just to keep the aliteration. Lies? Laxatives? Lovingly licking lollipops while looking longingly at l--

Well, you get the idea.

** ADDENDUM ** Watching Hell Comes to Frogtown doesn't start with L, but it's what I'm doing unless I can come up with something else pretty quick.
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