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"We all eat roasted garlic and sing from the diaphragm! A pirate I was meant to be..."

Happy Valentines Day! Or whatever. I celebrated by not taking a lunchbreak, leaving work early, and roasting some garlic. Yes, I came home, roasted garlic, and ate it on toast for supper before going off to practice with Offbeat. Sean came out of his room while it was still in the oven and asked "is something burning?"

I called Ellen and she seemed to be in a good mood, which put me in a good mood. While I was on the phone with her, Lauren (our alto) sent out an e-mail saying that she couldn't make practice tonight due to illness. Offbeat got together anyway, and we did our best to go through the songs we could without her. Lauren sings lead on about half of our songs, so it was decided that if she can't make it tomorrow we'll muddle through a shortened version of our set without her. Frankly, I almost hope that she stays home because tonight she didn't trust herself to drive.

I came home to find that my mom had sent me a "happy Valentines Day" e-mail, so I called her and we talked for awhile. A few weeks back her Italian grayhound had puppies (I may or may not have mentioned it here), and they're for sale now at this website. They're the three on the bottom, with the photos taken against a pink background. I can't afford one either, but they're cute in case you want to have a look.

On to different topics, just did an interesting profile on H.P. Lovecraft. Salon is one of those register-to-read sites, but they allow you to skip registration if you're willing to watch a short, Flash-animated ad. Apparently the Old Gent's writings have reached the distinguished level of American literary classics, at least accoring to Library of America.

The Salon piece is an interesting read, especially as a general overview of why the man wrote what he did, though it contains a couple of factual errors (more like technicalities, I guess). They also mention that Lovecraft's protagonists, when confronted with the sheer infinity of the unknown tend to "scream and scream and scream." I didn't think I'd ever seen those words in one of HPL's stories, so searched for that phrase, coupled with Lovecraft's name and didn't find anything. Google suggests that maybe I meant to search for "scream and cream and scream" instead but um, I'm nervous about what might come up.

If Lovecraft's brand of cosmic horror isn't enough for you, The Scissor Sisters' live cover of Comfortably Numb might scare you.

For the rest of you, here's the theme from Double Dragon II with vocals(?(!)).
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