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Happy birthday to Tom. My head hurts.

Still sick, but it's not as bad as it had been. The initial wave hit me hard, but now I'm just experiencing the general stuffiness and aches that come with a cold or any new Mariah Carey single. Offbeat sings on Tuesday at Edgewood High School for their Arts Appreciation festival, and if I don't get any worse I'll sound okay.

Incidentally, I wrote that paragraph around noon today, and the rest of this post is being written around 11:00 PM. I'm not feeling so hot anymore.

It was Tom's birthday today, so I trekked down to Janesville after pickup up a gift for him. As none of you will recall, he purchased copies of Shaft and Shaft in Africa for my birthday in 2003, and I was going to return the favor by getting him Coffy and Foxy Brown. I went to the only place where I knew I'd seen both, and of course they were out of stock. I settled on Jackie Brown, which at least stars Pam Grier.

When I got to Janesville, I saw that Keith already had a copy of Jackie Brown.

I offered to take it and purchase Bubba Ho-tep for him, but Tom refused, citing the fact that he refused to watch Bubba Ho-tep when it was in theaters because he'd have to pay for it. Nobody is sure why Tom is so against this movie, but whatever. When he and Keith stop living together, they'll both have their own copy of Jackie Brown to keep them company. Mmmm. Jackie Brown.

I was the first person to arrive, and Keith and Tom were busy working on their D&D characters, so when Tick and Lindsay showed up I left with them on a food run. By the time I got back Shannon (whom I've never spoke of in this journal) had arrived, and Chad (who may or may not have appeared here before) got there soon after. The women were outnumbered two to one, but the concentration of Dork was pretty high so everybody was comfortable -- even with the hint of Republican For No Good Reason in the air. What? Never mind.

We watched Shaun of the Dead (don't you love that I keep putting all these stupid little links in here?). I think that I said it was very good when I first saw it, but on the second viewing it was even better. Very subtle. Very smart. Very deliberate. Much better cinematography than I'd remembered. Funnier in with a group than when I'd viewed it alone. Recommended.

The movie was followed by a few rounds of Mario Kart. I watched and made snide comments from the sidelines with Shannon. I was surprisingly witty, but nothing I said is funny out of context, and I don't remember much of what I said because I was just beginning to develop a strong headache. I excused myself (which I would have anyway -- work tomorrow and all), and headed home. How I got here in one piece eludes me because my head is pounding like a pork pie hat. I understand that pork pie hats do not (usually) pound, but under the circumstances that's the best I could come up with. Bed now. Sleep.
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