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I have nothing to do tonight.

I'm not feeling as bad as I was yesterday. I guess the good night's sleep (read: "purposely oversleeping, but then deciding to go to work anyway") helped. As has been usual in the last week I woke up around 3:00 and was didn't get back to sleep until after 4:30, so I'm starting to feel a little beat. I'll probably be up until like, 41:00 anyway.

I'm kinda depressed tonight -- not sure why, maybe I'm just tired. I'm having trouble coming up with anything worth writing about (so why am I posting? I dunno. Something to do.). It's too bad, because while I was at work I started writing a really funny post about current events. By the time I left work it wasn't finished, so I deleted it. Trust me though, it was absolutely brilliant (and you'll never know if it wasn't).

I do, however, have one thing for you. It was discovered today in a box of envelopes at work:

Forget ESL -- some people need English as a first language.

Okay then. Back to screwing around.
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