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February 9th, 2005

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11:51 am - People are bigger jerks than usual when it snows.
They are. The roads aren't that bad, but after waiting through two traffic light cycles with my turn signal on, I eventually chose the Brute Force method to muscle across two lanes in front of a Buick and a Tahoe (which honked profusely) to make a left turn. Sometimes you have to do this, and you can get away with it in situations where traffic is crawling and everyone has ample time to react. I think it's mostle because everybody else has more regard for their vehicle than I do. No, I care about my car. I'd like it to last at least until I pay it off. But I don't care about their cars, and if they hit me, hey, I signaled.

It's my boss' birthday today, and the dry erase board says "Happy Birthday Boss! -- 29 and Holding!" I'm running out of clever, work-safe things to write in people's birthday cards and the best I could do was "Congrats on your AARP membership! Happy birthday." She's probably going to want to order from somewhere or go out. I packed my lunch, but a sub from Milio's sounds pretty good, too. I probably should not go out, since Ellen's coming over tonight and I promised to make dinner. I need to decide what to make, then go grocery shopping on my lunchbreak.

Incidentally, if you've got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, I strongly recommend that you pick up Bar None's reissue of Dead Dog's Eyeball, K. McCarty's tribute to the prolific and unique Daniel Johnston. It's one of the best albums I own, and I was really happy to have found it used awhile back because I didn't think would ever get a rerelease (ten years -- who knew?). Now I'm going to have to buy it again because the reissue has extra tracks and QuickTime videos. Dead Dog's Eyeball is a great introduction to the songs for people who were turned off by the extremely low-fi, basement tape-recordings of Daniel Johnston's original albums.
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Current Music: K. McCarty -- Sorry Entertainer

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People are bigger jerks than usual when it snows. - Garmonbozia for the soul. — LiveJournal

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