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I s'pose Friendship Spelled Backwards is Pihsdneirf* is taken, too.

There is nothing more disheartening than coming up with what you think would be a good name for a song -- in this case, Fez Dispenser -- and Googling it only to find that it's already in use as the name of a "jazz influenced trip hop" artist.

I'm revising my sleep schedule, and it's not working out yet. I've been trying for the last couple of nights to be in bed by 11:00, which of course doesn't happen. I've been making it by 11:30, but I always seem to wake up around two or three, and it's hard to get back to sleep. There may be other ways to make the schedule change, but I'm just going to stick to it, maybe take some valerian root before bed every night, and force it to work.

Also, White Ninja is up to something.

* It is. It's a song by You Were Spiraling from their album Delusions of Grandeur.
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