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Having an average Monday, I guess.

You know what's really weird? The fact that I always crave Mountain Dew after eating fried food. I never drink Mountain Dew. In fact, I never drink soda in general. A few years ago I started drinking Klarbrunn for no real reason, and now I can't drink sodas anymore because they're too sweet. The only exception is Mountain Dew, which I only want after eating certain things. It sounds like the sort of horrible conspiracy theory my 7th grade Family & Consumer Ed. teacher used to throw at us ("Don't use Carmex -- they put ground-up glass in that stuff so that you have to buy more of it!"*).

This stuff is really disgusting once I get past the first couple of gulps. Why on earth did I buy it?

Anyway, it was raining this morning. I parked last night about a block from our house which means that I got fairly wet between the door and the car, and now no amount of cleaning seems to be able to remove whatever greasy smudge adhered to my glasses thanks to the rainwater. It's really not too pleasant.

I may post about the events of the weekend when I've got them more sorted out, but right now it's just kind of a big ball of bad feelings that nobody wants to read about.

* Not the exact quote, but this rumor was actually perpetuated by that teacher, and also by one of my old coworkers. Even without the Snopes article, a quick glance at a jar of Carmex will tell you exactly what's in it. No glass.
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