Colin Timothy Gagnon (sacredspud) wrote,
Colin Timothy Gagnon

February's MP3: What Is Everyone Staring At?

Feburary's MP3 of the Month is up. It's a cover of an unreleased They Might Be Giants song called What Is Everyone Staring At? This arrangement is borrowed very heavily from the original which premiered on Their Dial-A-Song service a few years back. TMBG often premiers new songs as works in progress, and changes them substantially by the time they come out on record. Such was the case with What Is Everyone Staring At?, which got a total lyrics rewrite and substantial musical overhaul before ending up as a lullaby called Sleepwalkers on Their children's album, No! As far as I know, They've completely abandoned the original version.

At one time I was considering recording all of the They Might Be Giants songs that never progressed beyond being demos or which became different songs between demo and final release. Most of the songs I'd be recording exist only in really poor recordings taken from Dial-A-Song (ie, recorded from a telephone). The thing is, TMBG have a few hundred songs like this (literally), and I don't have that kind of ambition. I might do a few here or there.

Anyway, I've kept the instrumental background virtually the same, and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I always hate my own vocals, though. I recorded an acceptable demo version in mid-January with the intent of doing a better one by February, but when I started coming down with a cold, I made a couple of recordings and this one was the best. I'd like to cite my scratchy throat and overactive sinuses as major influence on the sound of the vocals, but in the back of my mind I know that this is really what I sound like when I try to sing in my upper range.
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