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Das ist ein Wednesdayposten.

Quickly now, since I gotta go to bed:

I'm getting ready for B-Fest. What's B-Fest? Check out the website, or wait for my full report afterward. I don't leave until Friday morning, but I'm getting all my stuff together now. Jim wanted everybody riding down with him to bring appropriate music, so I'm burning a mix CD specifically for the event. It's uh, it's awful. I'll check it out at work tomorrow to make sure it's not too awful, but... that's kinda the point.

Anyway, one of the things Ellen got for her birthday was a gift certificate to The Olive Garden, so we had dinner there tonight. I like The Olive Garden. Places like that are very inoffensive and American, but if I don't recognize a word on the menu the server will tell me exactly what it is instead of saying "it is a sweet and tiny chewy," and then having it turn out to be some kind of eye (more likely to happen in Asian restaurants than Italian ones, but still).

We had a nice time. Ellen had a pasta stuffed with shrimp and sausage, and I had a Something Chickeny with Pasta and Stuff. Thanks to the lovely gift certificate, the whole meal plus tip cost us $6.50. My leftovers are sitting in the car where they can stay until morning -- it's 4°F right now, so I'm not too worried about salmonella.

I'm a little bummed about leaving for the weekend because Ellen actually has Friday night free. That doesn't happen often these days because she has to attend sporting events for the newspaper. Still, Ellen's tough, and B-fest should be a lot of fun.
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