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Expand your vocabulary!

I learned a new word today: Pickuptrucksmanship.

Pickuptrucksmanship, according to the bast- uh, gentleman I spoke with this morning, is what permits him to block our driveway and allowed Nate to park on the lawn last night. I contended that what Nate has is called "living here" and that what the guy has is called "getting a ticket."

It was a good answer that I wouldn't have thought of had a parking cop not just pulled up a few houses away. The guy made that "okayeee" sound my friend Rob used to make and tried to pull into a stranger's driveway just as the stranger was trying to leave.

I wasn't even parked in our driveway, and it would have been easier for Nate to maneuver across the sidewalk.

Sometimes I enjoy being a jerk.
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