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Barbery is not a word -- I checked.

So... my performance review has come and gone, and I've explored neither inebriation or barberry. An' I didn't get my hair cut, neither. No, the performance review went okay. "Superior" marks in nearly every category somehow equates to an end result of "accomplished," but whatever. The summary paragraph was full of words like "indispensable," "remarkable," and "is," and that's enough for me to breathe a sigh of relief. I don't really get worked up about performance reviews when I know I'm doing a good job, but the company has gotten into the sensible but intimidating habit of cutting staff who are deemed "nonessential." Ultimately we're better for it, but there's a weight that lifts every time I hear "it's too bad there aren't more of you in the department," and the emphasis is on "you."

While I'm feeling good about work, I might as well tell you what I did do on my lunchbreak... Yesterday we all received our annual bonus which came in the form of a $500 Visa giftcard -- twice as much as last year. It's nice. It's also only the second time in a row that a bonus has been given after thirteen years of nothing more than a nice "thank you" e-mail, so I need not to get into the habit of expecting one. I assume also that there's probably a half-life as far as doubling the bonus goes, and we've probably hit it this year.

Either way, I went out over my lunchbreak, withdrew all the cash, and deposited it into my checking account where I plan to ignore it for awhile. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, I think I'll celebrate by going over to Ellen's and feeling angry about the weather. Despite the amount of moaning I'e been doing, this has actually been a pretty light winter in terms of snowfall. I guess I've just never had to deal with so many idiots on the road. Hmmm... my commute includes driving downtown, and then on the interstate. Perhaps there's a connection. My housemates and I are looking at the possibility of moving to the far east side (maybe as far as Sun Prairie) next year. It's an attractive proposition.
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