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Sleepwalkers. Pfft.

My roommates have people over -- I'm not sure who, but I'm recording vocals and they must think I'm insane. Actually, the vocals I'm recording are for February's MP3 of the month. I imagine that nobody really cares, but I made a decision yesterday not to let those MP3s wait until the last minute like I have in recent months. Macrocosm and I Think I Can Walk On It (November and December, respectively) came out really well (I thought), but this month (and a more than once before) the last-minute thing has yielded less-than-fantastic results. It probably doesn't matter to anybody else, but it matters enough to me since I started posting a monthly MP3 to keep myself working.

To that end, I'm covering a song by somebody else for February. I won't tell you what it is, but I will post a short sample, and I'll promise ten bucks* to anyone who can identify the song** without researching the lyrics.*** I think Valentine's Day is a silly idea, but an appropriate love song.

* Payable to the PayPal account of your choice
** Offer void after December 6, 1993
*** I'll give you a hint -- what's the only band I ever rave about on my journal?
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