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Awake enough to post, not enough to be funny

My bedroom smells like vinegar. This will be explained below, but I wanted to mention it up front. Can you imagine the vinegar odor? Can you smell it, sharp and acidic? Good. Anyway, on with my weekend.

Friday was Ellen's last day working at the University Hospital's downtown location, and on Monday she starts a job at their West clinic. She was quite glad to be moving to a different position, so we went out to eat and I made faces at her cat when we got home. It was a nice evening.

I had my Saturday all planned out. I was going to screw around in the early afternoon, and then do a little loafing, followed by some hanging out and some lollygagging. Then I might think about doing some laundry and decide instead to relax, do a little bit of hanging out and then some loitering. I'd probably order a pizza and mill about while waiting for it, then dillydally through dinner, followed by some serious vegetation and maybe some sloth, before getting together with Ellen after the basketball game she was reporting on.

Instead evil_jim called me to say that he and Thea were going to Pedro's for lunch, and did I want to come to? I said that I did, and they picked me up. Thea is a person whom I've dreaded seeing for some time because a few years ago (like, back when Lindsay #1 and I were a couple), Thea and I parted on pretty bad terms (now that I mention it, we were really good at parting on bad terms for awhile there). I suppose it doesn't matter now, because we've enjoyed each other's company the last few times we've seen each other. This is good because it looks like Jim and Thea are working on becoming inseparable. spending a lot of time together these days.

We went to Thea's house and she gave me the tank she'd been keeping hermit crabs in. Then we went back to Jim's and played Katamari Damashii. I enjoyed it, but I'm still proud to say that this is only the second time I've touched a Playstation system (the other time being a particularly disasterous round of Dance Dance Revolution at r3507's condo (and I'm still at zero for Gamecube and one for X-Box, in case anyone's counting (not sure why I'm proud of these things, but I am))). Thea had purchased a copy of the remake of The Bard's Tale, and I watched her play that while Jim tested his DVD burner by copying his laserdisc transfer of the brilliant but otherwise unavailable The Wizard of Speed and Time for me. The game looks incredibly entertaining, but I won't be playing it any time soon. The movie is incredibly entertaining, and I'll be watching it tonight.

Ellen was, as mentioned before, covering a basketball game last night, so when I got home I decided to clean the hermit crab tank. Thea's crabs has developed a case of mites, so it needed to be washed with hot water and vinegar, hence the odor in my room. Do you still smell it? No, me either. I mentioned it at the top of this post to accustom you to it. Still, I'm sure Sean can smell it through my closed door when he comes out for a cigarette. Anyway, Ellen eventually came home. I finished up cleaning the tank and went over there. We had a pretty quiet evening because it was late, the roads were lousy, and both of us wanted primarily to collapse.

Today I took a nap and moved some sixty-gallon buckets of clover honey. That was about it.
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