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I am not going downstairs to play GURPS Cyberpunk.

Nothin' to report today, but I wanted to write an entry. More snow this morning (like, a lot more), but I scraped off my car with the broom and managed to get to work on time. Feel lousy. Not sick, just exhausted. After work my dad and I had supper at the coffee shop and said hello to my sister. When I got home, Mikey was visiting and I had this conversation:
Nate: So you goin' out to shovel?

Me: What?

Nate: Dude, I shoveled twice.

Me: Yeah? So? Who's the one that sits on his ass in front of the computer? Huh? Who's the one who holds down the fort while you're out there shoveling?

Mikey: You make a good point. It's detrimental to your argument, but it's a good point.
So I went out and shoveled. We get a lot of foot traffic, so the snow was well packed by 7:30 when I got outside. Very little of the actual sidewalk is visible in front of the house, but it's good enough for who it's for.

That's not true, I just like saying it. If the sidewalk is really that bad, someone will sand or salt it.

Oh, crap. The Gamers just arrived. I'm not a gamer. Y'all know that, right? Good. Anyway, they're downstairs, and I like them all, but tonight is not a good night for me to be social. I am sleepy. I am going to bed soon. My workday started out great, but then I took an early lunch and the rest of the day dragged.

But I did finally try out GOD Coffee.
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