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"Thank you Louis, that was brief but... pointless."

I think that Ellen's cat would like to meet Moofasa. She doesn't think so. I don't know... I think I could put Moofasa in a pet carrier and bring him over. We wouldn't have to open the door or anything, just let them sniff and hiss and spit and lunge and gouge at each other. They're both declawed (in front at least). Nothing would go wrong. It would be fine...

In other news, the hummus went over well with Offbeat last night, which just goes to show that my hummus recipe is, if not fantastic, at least inoffensive. Yay. We also discussed possible additions to our repertoire. The following songs are definitely not making the cut:
  • The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

  • Museum of Idiots

  • Harder Than Your Husband

  • Revolution No. 9

  • Anything by Captain Beefheart, Igor Stravinsky or Edgard Varese
4'33" by John Cage (described in high-falutin' musical terms here, downloadable in several formats here) is probably out, too.

What are we doing? The System Is Down, and possibly (possibly) Bulbous Bouffant.
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