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I can't even make ramen tonight.

Dammit! I just got home from practice and there's nothing to eat! No, wait. Yes there is. Let me rephrase that.

Dammit! I just got home from practice and I can't cook! Er, no. None of those foods involve any real degree of cooking. One more time:

Dammit! I just got home from practice and I find myself in a position where I have food, the experience necessary to cook it, and nothing to cook it in because I live with a bunch of slobs (housemates who actually read my journal excluded)!

That was a little wordy, but it'll do.

When were dishes last washed? Two weeks ago? Three maybe? I have lots of food I could eat, but I can't prepare any of it without washing something. I used to ignore my fears of salmonella, botchulism and radiation poisoning (hey, it could happen (yes it could. You haven't seen our kitchen)), break down and wash something, but it just isn't worth it anymore. Do you know how many times in the last week I've come downstairs at 1:00 AM only to find that the salsa -- which was probably used around 7:00 -- sitting wide-open on the countertop? No, of course you don't. I do though, and the answer is twice. Salsa's a pretty innocuous food, and I guess I'm just glad that Nate is on an (almost) all-vegetable diet. Otherwise there would be ground chuck sitting on the counter for hours.

Rancid Chinese take-out containers, measuring cup with remnants of this evening's grated cheese, little bits of burrito filling all over the friggin' counter, crushed corn chips on the floor (they're xoshua's chips, but I saw them get crushed and he didn't do it)... The kitchen never gets like this. Is it because Nate is cooking instead of ordering pizza these days? Doubtful as it's not all his fault. Honestly though, what the hell? Is this the reason Mikey moved out? Yes, actually, it is. Wait a second, the kitchen always gets like this. WHY?!

Some would call me fussy. Some are Mongol warlords.

Anyway, the kitchen's a mess and the only clean dishes are mismatched Tupperware®, a couple of plates, some mugs, and the lid of the crock pot. I'd like to eat something hot, and the only thing I can make without washing something is a frozen pizza. I had a frozen pizza last night though, and eating one tonight would put me at more than twice the number of frozen pizzas I've eaten in the last year in less than 24 hours (more than twice 'cuz twice zero is still zero (and the frozen Uno's I had on Halloween doesn't count)). I could order food, but it's late and I decided -- before it was too late to order -- that I wasn't going to as I'd purchased groceries last night. No, I'll subsist on baby carrots, two bananas and an orange. Green leafy vegetables be damned.

Dammit. Did I sat that already? I did? Well just for emphasis: dammit.

How the rest of my day went: Glad you asked. Work was busy. Today that was a good thing. Practiced with Offbeat tonight, and we learned three new songs -- not too shabby. One was Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Guess how long that one took me to learn? As long as it took to learn a 4-measure loop and sing it over and over and over and over. I did laundry. That was my day.

I'll leave you with one parting thought: dammit.
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