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Weekend Update: With a Vengeance

Today has been a pretty lazy day. I did some grocery shopping, and that was about it. I'm tired and am anticipating an early bedtime. That'll be nice after the last two nights, which have had me out pretty late.

Ellen and I went to devianttouch and wendybyrd's apartment of Friday for their gift exchange and hung out with lots of people I don't see half as often as I should. I received episodes of Hamtaro and a compact grill which is awesome. I was recommended some anime that I might like (fat chance, but I might). We stayed until Wendy kicked everybody out, and got to bed at like, way too late:00 in the morning.

Ellen and I had dinner with my parents on Saturday. It was the first time she'd been to the new house. My sister and her friend (boyfriend?) Eric also came over. My mom tried out the chicken recipe she wants to serve to our relatives on Christmas, and it went over well, except with my sister who is still not eating meat. I have absolutely no doubt that she can maintain her recently adopted vegetarian diet, but it's really hard to believe, since when I was doing the vegetarian thing, she and her linebacker boyfriend were eating a pound of bacon in front of The Simpsons every night. 's true. Anyway, my dad is sick with one of the nasty bugs going around. He usually manages to ignore those things better than most people, but this one's really beating him up, and he wasn't present for the meal.

After dinner, Ellen and I went back to her place to exchange gifts. She got me a DVD box set of The Honeymooners, which is so totally something I wanted but wasn't going to buy for myself. Anybody who doesn't understand why I wanted The Honeymooners on DVD has probably never seen it. Anyway, I'm gonna watch The Honeymooners after I post this, and then I'm going to bed.

Later on Saturday night, we went to Rocky Horror for the first time since Halloween. The verdict? It was fun up until 20 minutes into the movie when the projector stopped. The film (apparently) is fine, but I fail to see how the word fine can be applied to what a member of the Orpheum staff referred to as "like, a three-inch wide knot." We joined the cast at Perkins, and I met wyrdsatyr's friend Kevin. tlhinganhom tells me I need to update my website. I would remind all of you that On The Road with Chuck & Bernie is updated weekly, and is currently featuring 2004's sorry excuse for a Christmas strip. Upcoming features on scary Japanese food and things I wanted but didn't get for Christmas are coming. Wait for 'em.

In the meantime you can tide yourself over with Perversion for Profit, parts one and two which explore the true scapegoat reason for society's problems: dirty, filthy, smutty girlie magazines, which are turning our children into perverts, communists, and TV evangelists.
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