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Cops & Buns

Oi. The last two days have been fairly stressful. No good reason, I've just been tired and on edge.

This does not make my social life happy.

Last night Ellen and I hung out, and she didn't seem to notice but I was pretty out of it. The Wizard of Oz was on TNT and I impressed her with my vast knowledge of the film. Did you know that Buddy Ebsen was originally cast to play the Tin Man, but had to give the role up because he was allergic to the metallic makeup? Or that Ogden Nash wrote a screenplay for the film which was never used? How about that the film was made to capitalize on the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? I did. I don't know why, but I know all kinds of stupid trivia about The Wizard of Oz.

Ellen and I had a long discussion about plastic surgery and whether or not I should go on a reality show so that somebody else can fit the bill for making me look like a shark (the eventual decision was no). That discussion would've happened regardless of how I was feeling, but I felt pretty drained before I went to her apartment, I wasn't in a great mood after I left her apartment, and the feeling hasn't abated. I tried to be pleasant and had a good evening. I seriously doubt that my mood is going to improve without sleep, and now that I'm home at a decent hour, I should just hit the sack. I'm not going to though. I'm in the process of re-copying all of my MP3s to my player, plus retransferring all of my Frank Zappa CDs to my hard drive because I know some of them had skips on the initial copy.

Like you care.

Um, anyway, back to my last couple of days... When I got to work I found that the AEG had her kid. It's a girl named Chloe, and both mommy and baby are doing fine. This is all well and good, but I was really advocating the name Ernest Borgnine II (pronounced "two," not "the Second"), which the AEG scorned several times on the spurious grounds that she is neither related to nor cares for Ernest Borgnine. Whatever.

Anyway, the AEG's absence increases everybody's workload. This is a problem because she has like, the most important work in the department, and nobody can figure out how she has it organized. When I was in school for computer programming (not computer science -- there's a difference) we had this joke that if you made your code convoluted enough, you could create your own job security. The AEG clearly understands this. Her desk -- which looks quite tidy -- is carefully "organized" with the care and logic of a Hieronymus Bosch painting so that if the company ever decides to get rid of its most important operations staff, my department will be screwed.

After I got home from work, april_tehe and I got together and had dinner at Ella's Deli. As I said before, I was not in a particularly good mood, but I tried to be, and ultimately I enjoyed myself. She's right (and so is Liz, and so is Nick and so is Jim): I should be less deliberately antisocial. We sort of cut the evening short so she could go home and work on a paper she's writing, but I get the feeling that the real reason she wanted to go was so that she could get some work done on a paper she's writing.

And now I'm home. And I ought to go to bed.

Ha, that's a good one.
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