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Computer geek, huh? Imagine that.

I got a new PC at work this morning. It's set me back about two hours, but what I'm losing in today's productivity I'll be gaining in sanity. The new version of Lotus Notes we've been using is full of unnecessary animations and visual effects, and on the old PC ("old" as in 2.1 GHz and 384 megs of RAM) it didn't run very smoothly. All those neat transparancy effects took a long time to process, and if I was dragging messages into a different folder, they'd invariably end up in the wrong one because it took so long to update the screen. That stuff is all gone now, as are the myriad little niggling speed issues that the old PC had.

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evil_jim, you may wish to check out Bellybongo's selection this month. Bellybongo is a website that regularly features MP3s of out-of-print, vinyl albums. This month's album is Two Sides of The Trilogy by a lounge-trio no one's ever heard of called The Trilogy. Featured as the last track on the album is a scaled-down but otherwise musically-faithful cover of ELP's Trilogy.

Let's see how many times I can use the word "trilogy" in a paragraph. No, wait. Let's see how many times I can use it in a context where it has to be capitalized.
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