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Oh no you di'n't, girlfriend.

I just got talked to about something I did a couple of months ago... It wasn't good.

A dispute had come in for one of our merchants. Along with the cardholder letter, affidavit of fraud and whatever other supporting documentation there's always a message text field which can be used to summarize the reason for dispute. Examples would be "cardholder returned merchandise, no refund issued" or "cardholder does not recognize charge."

This particular dispute came in with the message text "see attached documentation." The cardholder had written a letter explaining that he didn't know what he was being charged for and had no idea who the merchant was. I forwarded this on to our merchant who then provided proof that the cardholder had placed an order on the merchant's website.

I don't remember this particular case (because I get lots of them every day), but I must've been in a cynical mood when I sent our rebuttal because my message text was "No, YOU see attached documentation."

The cardholder has come back saying that he still doesn't recognize the charge (even though we've provided proof of delivery by FedEx and his signature on file with FedEx). At this point, we let the merchant decide whether the case should go to MasterCard to be settled by an arbitration committee. Luckily, the merchant weighed the dispute amount ($18) against the cost of arbitration ($400 minimum if the case is settled in favor of the cardholder), and decided to eat the charge. If the case had gone on to MasterCard, they would've seen all the documentation pertaining to the case including my snotty message text.

Snotty message text is frowned upon and I was asked (not by my boss, but I was asked nonetheless) not to do it again.

Gosh, last week I had one where the incoming message was "credit not processed," and I sent it back with "um, yes it was" or something similar. I hope that one doesn't come back.
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