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Pleasing Chemical Aftertaste

Well, Ellen and I did end up doing something last night after all.

For weeks she's been planning on having devianttouch and wendybyrd over for dinner, and a definite plan just hasn't managed to materialize. I showed up last night, walked in the door and remarked that Ellen had cleared all the junk mail off the table, and she said that she was making supper for Benny and Wendy. Ellen's table collects junk mail the way the scanner on my desk does, except that her table gets cleared off when she's having company. Me? I pick up the junk mail from my floor, my dresser and my bookcase, and consolidate it on top of my scanner.

Anyway, dinner was a pasta bake with marinara sauce, zucchini, black olives and green peppers. It was really good, as was the peppermint ice cream we had for dessert. It's hard to go wrong with something like that. It was also very cool to hang out with Benny and Wendy, but I'm afraid that I wasn't entirely awake enough to remember what we talked about. I think they convinced me that my next car should be a hybrid, and that I would like The Incredibles.

I feel kind of bad for Benny and Wendy because they ended up going home pretty late. Benny is one of the many people on my Friends list who work for WPS, so he's putting in ridiculous amounts overtime and had to be up at 5:00 AM. For those not living in the Madison area (oh, like you people even read my journal anyway), it's not that Madison is so small, or that WPS is the only employer here, but they're ginormous and their employees recruit like syphilis (remarkably like syphilis, in some cases...).

I'm incredibly tired today. I slept through the night for the first time this week, but I went to bed far, far too late. I was fine until this afternoon, and now the fatigue is catching up to me. There are two things that could help me feel better. One is coffee and the other is sleep. I can't drink coffee because Offbeat is being paid to perform tonight, and I'd like to give the best performance I can. Coffee will make my sore throat worse. Sleep is tempting and I'd like to go home early to get some, but I'd probably end up sleeping with my mouth open which would also be bad for my throat. The solution? Lots of cough drops and lots of water. Any singer will tell you that cough drops coat your throat with sugar which degrades your vocal quality, but I've been through this before and they are the best remedy I know of. Right now I'm consuming a steady stream of Halls with menthol, punctuated by a zinc lozenge every few hours. When this evening rolls around, I'll rinse my throat with water. As long as I can keep the pain down and the muscles relaxed, I'm fine with the cough drops.

Lunch, too, had to be something that wouldn't offend my throat. I'd planned to pack something, but it was hard enough to drag myself out of bed, let alone do it on time... Wendy's value menu came to my rescue. $0.99 will buy you a baked potato with butter and sour cream on the side. This is the single greatest fast food idea I've ever seen.

Now I'm hungry again. Maybe when I get home, I'll make myself some green tea.
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