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Hello caffeine, goodbye stomach lining.

I'm posting to kill time before I leave work. What a day.

My workload has actually been really low (shh, don't tell my boss), but the kind of stuff I'm getting has just been really weird and time consuming. The highlight of my day? Reading this in a letter:
"[The customer] also has a foul mouth. I can't believe that she is married. How could anybody kiss a lady with such a foul mouth?"
Here's a tip for all y'all writing business correspondence: Personal attacks won't affect your case, but your letter will probably wind up pinned to the wall of a cubicle. My favorite example: "[Blah blah blah, cardholder got and used what she paid for, blah blah blah.] On a personal note, she was very very, very, fat and smelled very, very, very bad." Strewth.

It can't help that I'm running on very little sleep. Regular readers of my journal will assume that this is nothing new, but I have to point out that my journal is like any other forum -- I'm not likely to bring up everyday issues like sleep unless there's a problem. If I get a really good night's sleep, I won't even think to mention it. If I go to bed at 11:00, wake up at 2:00, and don't sleep for the rest of the night (like last night), it'll probably show up here. I slept like that on Sunday and Monday nights, too. Not fun. I'm feeling wide awake right now, but I've also been drinking coffee all day. matchstyx warns that I'm slowly destroying my esophagus. My response to this is "riiiiiiiiight"* but only because I'm in denial.

Anyway, I leave in five minutes (that's a good thing). December's MP3 of the Month will be up a little later tonight. My plans are to finish recording it, and then head over to Ellen's apartment. Not sure what the plan is for tonight, but very rarely do we work our evenings out to any level of detail beforehand, and it always works out okay.

robots are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

* Imagine Bill Cosby saying that.
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