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Things That Suck #8, and Great Reliefs #22a

Alrighty. Not much noteworthy has happened since my last entry, but I'm writing a new one anyway. Actually, that's not true. Plenty has happened, just nothing I want terribly to talk about in detail.

First of all, I might have skin cancer. I left work early yesterday to go to the doctor, had a tissue sample taken, and will have a verdict in a week to ten days. I'd tell you to cue the suspenseful music, but, well, number one, cancer, while a risk, isn't terribly likely, and number two, where are you gonna find a week's worth of suspenseful music? You'd be through with Bernard Hermann's oeuvre and halfway through John Williams' body of work by Wednesday night.

Anyway, I really don't care to talk about it right now, but if I'm terribly, terribly depressed (moreso than usual) next week, that's likely the reason why. Either way, I brought it up here, so I guess I'd better address the results when I get them.

What else?

Oh yeah, I've only mentioned this subject to a couple of you, and those who've spoken with me about it have no doubt forgotten I ever brought the subject up, but a few months ago, my sister was trying really hard to set me up with an incredibly gorgeous gothigrrl. Nothing ever happened. We talked a few times, but never out of the presence of her coworkers who have often and loudly pointed out that I'm "stupid, ugly and corporate." (For what it's worth, I'm only two of those things -- I'd drop corporate in a second if it became convenient to do so.) It just wasn't a good situation in which to ask someone out, you know?

Well, in a rather roundabout and accidental way, I discovered that she has a livejournal. So I've read parts of it.

I'm really glad I never asked her out.

She's definitely someone I wouldn't mind getting to know better, but in a relationship we'd be constantly at eachother's throats. I've been in relationships with people like her before, and the best memories are of the breakups.

Anyway, in the interest of not offending anybody (read: "pissing her off"), I'm not linking to her journal. Which is really too bad for all y'all -- it's really good.
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