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The Final United Way Jeans Days of 2004 (aka Sheer Boredom at Work)

As I promised a little while ago, I had more United Way Jeans Day e-mails to share. I'm not too thrilled with either of these last two, but here they are:

This one was a very last-minute thing. We were told on a Tuesday morning that if we could get an e-mail out in time we could do a casual day the next day. Star Wars seemed like a great idea because it had just been released on DVD, and I'd just been reminded of this site. Unfortunately, our favorite Star Wars/pants jokes were either about not wearing pants, or else we couldn't find movie stills to go with them. Eventually Heather came up with a couple of Yoda jokes which I abandoned in favor of this one which was mine. I don't recall what hers were, but they were probably funnier. Since we only sent out one e-mail, there's no reminder to go with it.

The announcement for this casual day went out on the Friday that I took off to go to Door County with Ellen. Heather put it together and sent it out, so I don't have a copy to show you. This is the reminder, minus a big chunk of white space above Waldorf and Sattler who appeared at the very bottom of the e-mail, sort of as an easter-egg (yes, we're lame). Waldorf and Sattler's word balloons resized and shifted to the left a bit when the images was imported into Lotus Notes.

Bonus points for anybody who recognizes Waldorf and Sattler's dialogue from the Manamana sketch:
Waldorf: The question is, what is a "manamana?"
Sattler: The question is, who cares?
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