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Butter Crunch coffee is neither buttery nor crunchy. Discuss.

I feel pretty lousy today, and it's a combination of a couple of things. First of all, the weather is gray, somewhat rainy, and just generally less than inspiring. Second, I'm tired. I've gotten to bed quite late for the last couple of weeks, and it may finally be catching up to me. The last couple of nights I slept really soundly right up to my alarm clock. This is really unusual for me. I usually wake up around 5:30 or 6 in the morning and lay awake until the alarm rings. Not so this week, and it's making getting up more difficult than usual. Maybe tonight I'll get to bed at ten or midnight and sleep like a baby until my alarm. Not likely, but it would be nice.

I had a pretty weird dream last night... I went to Borders and the AEG was guarding a big cage outside filled with little kids. She said she had orders to make sure that they didn't escape. I asked why they were caged.

"They're telepathic and they can fly," she said.

After some discussion, it was realized that one of us was probably dreaming and the best course of action would be simply to wait it out until the one of us who was dreaming woke up. It ended up being me. Now, granted that the AEG is very pregnant, and I did get carded yesterday when I purchased the new issue of 2600 at Borders, but (to misquote the late Sigmund Freud) sometimes a cage full of superhuman brats in front of the bookstore is just a cage full of superhuman brats in front of the bookstore.

Somebody's brewing a fresh pot of coffee because I said I wouldn't mind drinking some. At some point this afternoon I need to cut myself off just in case I do manage to get some serious sleep tonight. My dad and I are getting together for supper, and it'll be a challenge to stay away from caffeine. He drinks coffee all the time (as in, he finishes a cup in bed just before he turns out the light), but my mom and I both respond erratically to caffeine. I can never tell how it's going to affect me, except that if I drink it immediately before bed it puts me to sleep. Go figure.

Today's ridiculous not-coffee-flavored flavor of coffee is Butter Crunch, but it's also not hazelnut and I'm thankful for that.
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