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Um, what?

I ran an errand at the mall during my lunchbreak today and, well, here's why I'm thinking of taking all my lunches at my desk from now on:

Guy in suit #1: Actually, members of the Pristine Church of Madison are encouraged to belong to another religion.
Guy in suit #2: That's right. The principals of the Pristine Church of Madison will augment your spiritual beliefs, not replace them. You can add them to whatever you already believe.
Guy in suit #1: As long as, you know, your beliefs aren't too radical.
Me: What if my beliefs are kind of tubular and gnarly?
Guy in suit #2: Well... comments like that...
Guy in suit #1: If you say things like that you're liable to end up in a Higher Room of Lesser Damnation.

I'm not even kidding. If you'd like to read the pamphlet they gave me, I scanned it to my website, and you can view it here. They asked me to make copies and distribute them, so I figure I'm doing them a favor.
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