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Blue Eggnog

Two things of import happened today:

1. I was attacked by an ironing board. Twice. Mikey could vouch for me on this. First it tried to kill my while I was bringing a load of clothes up from the basement. Later it was waiting for me at the door when I came out of the bathroom. I wish I could say more, but the experience was just too traumatic.

2. Offbeat sang at East Towne Mall. I mentioned it some time ago on this journal, but I didn't encourage you to go because it was a pay-to-shop thing. Anyway, the performance was much better than the last time we sang at the mall, but (unlike last time) nobody payed attention to us except for mall employees. The Santa appreciated us (and also mentioned really liking the SHS Madrigal Singers (of which 80% of us (4/5) are alumnus. Go us.)), as did the giftwrap counter, whom we serenaded twice.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty quiet. Ellen and I hung out on Friday and Saturday nights, and she voluntarily watched more of the Splu Urtaf Show. Unfortunately, two of the discs have turned out to have defects, and I'll have to see about rectifying that. Also, I ordered food from Toppers.

Wa hoo.

** ADDENDUM ** Damn Toppers. Damn them and their complete and utter inability to deliver what I asked for. And heaven forbid it be less than twenty minutes late when I expressly asked how long their delivery wait would be, or that they ring the doorbell instead of knocking on the door, which is impossible to hear from three floors up. Some would say that my standards are too high. I say some should be shot.
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