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This message is intended to be as confidential as something can be in a public livejournal post. Y'all can read it, but I don't want to discuss it unless you're pretty sure it applies to you.

01. We need to talk.

02. Everything you've been saying boils down to a single issue which I cannot address. Neither can anybody else. Seek counsel if you must, but you will have to deal with this yourself.

03. Contrary to your own belief, you've already made up your mind about what you want. What you're looking for is not an answer, but a way to justify the action you're going to take...

04. have not determined what this action is going to be yet.

05. Be prepared to take responsibility for whatever you do. We like to say "it just happened" but these things never "just happen" without at least a little premeditation.

06. No matter what you do here, somebody is going feel used up and patronized. You? Me? Somebody else? Determine what's right and do it, or, if that's too hard, just do what you want to do. There are worse things you could do than make me unhappy.

07. I have stated and restated my wishes. Unless you're going to base your decision on what I want, my wishes are a moot point.
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