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Boring Post-Halloween Post

Well, Halloween in Madison was riotous as usual. I managed (as usual) to avoid it almost entirely, and I'm thankful for that. My car was on the street all three nights and nothing happened to it (which makes this Halloween weekend better than many weeknights in recent memory), except for the sign. What sign, you ask? I came out this morning to find a piece of paper under my driver's-side wiper blade. At first I thought it was a ticket, but when I got closer I could see that it was a piece of typing paper folded in half. On it were written the words "d a Beer is O." All of the heavy drinkers I know have gotten to a point where they're speaking this kind of gibberish, but few of them would be able to put it readably onto a piece of paper like this. I can only assume that this was done by performance artists.

The rest of my weekend was fairly uneventful though, and that's not a bad thing. On Friday night Ellen and I completely failed to make it to ribsinbacon's birthday party. I wanted to go, but all the parking ramps seemed full, and my voice was in bad enough shape that I convinced myself to wimp out. On Saturday, we went to april_tehe's party where I didn't know anybody. It was fun though, and I finally got to meet the illustrious Paige (if only for a couple of minutes).

Ellen and I ducked out of the party early for Rocky, which absolutely sucked. It wasn't you guys. Actually, the floorshow was really good, but the girl sitting immediately behind me talked loudly through the whole movie about being "soooo drunk" and how she was going to throw up and.... yeah, it bugged me. More annoying was the fact that she obviously knew callbacks -- good ones -- and was completely unable to deliver them ("What do you call an Irish bee's girlfriend? Oh, baby!"). On top of this, my voice was in pretty lousy condition, so I pretty much quit after The Time Warp, only to re-emerge during Wild and Untamed Thing because I think "Blossom! Bubbles! Buttercup! Janet!" is funnier than "One! Two! Three! Four!"

Sunday was productive but not worth discussing in any level of detail-- oh! Except for the fact that I completed one of my major goals in life yesterday morning. Ellen has an electronic Connect Four game, and after I mastered it, I decided that the next great challenge would be to connect seven (an entire horizontal row). This is not as easy a task as one might think, as it involved a lot of work decoding the algorithm the game uses to place its pieces. Luckily I managed to do it and have now connected seven. Unluckily I've not only ruined the game for myself, but have wasted hours of my life figuring it out. Still, I connected seven. Seven, man. You might was well start sculpting your monument to me now.

Offbeat practiced again today, and we discussed our November 14th gig. We'll be at East Towne Mall around "sevenish" (oh, did I mention that I connected seven yesterday?), but before you plan to be there, do be aware that this is an event that you'll have to pay for. I don't know the details, but the mall will be open only to those who purchase tickets to shop that evening, and the proceeds will go to a charity (I'm not sure which (how's that for a sales pitch?)). We're working up Christmas songs though, and other performances will be announced. Keep your pants on.

Anyway, I'm gonna post this. Liz is coming over to watch Light Years tomorrow night for a class, and I have to go down to the basement and find my copy. This month's MP3 of the Month is up. It's called Macrocosm, and you should check it out.
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