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Buy a box of stuff!

So I just sold a box of stuff on eBay. It wasn't a box of good stuff, just a box of stuff. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

In describing the item, I said it was a box large enough to hold ten DVDs, and that I'd fill it with random stuff I didn't need anymore. I started it at $0.42, and it finally went for $1.25 which does not surprise me at all. If somebody's willing to sell a box of stuff for $0.42, it's probably not very impressive stuff.

Now. What do I put in it?

As you may recall, I decided quite some time ago that my closet needed cleaning out. Said cleaning never actually took place, and tonight I pretty much dumped a bunch of boxes onto my floor to sort through them. The final result is that what once took up five boxes now fits into three: one of stuff I don't mind getting rid of, two of keepsakes, mementos, doodads, gadgets, trinkets, toys and other various and sundry other things I'd like to hold on to. I've chosen liberally from the box of stuff to get rid of, but it's not stuff anybody else is really going to find a use for. At $1.25 the price should be right, but this guy is also paying $8 to cover shipping and posting of the item. I should really put something worthwhile in there -- perhaps some RAM. I really can't tell if this stick on my desk is 64MB, 128MB, or 512Mb. The container it's sitting in says 512, but it doesn't fit into the container. Chances are I popped it out of my PC in order to put the 512 stick in. You'd think I would remember, but people think a lot of things...

I have too much stuff. I have to figure out how to get rid of the nonessentials. After that, I should probably be realistic with myself and weed out the essentials (do I really need that copy of The Art of Heavy Metal? What about the LP of the 1974 Roxy Cast version of the Rocky Horror Show? ). Actually, doing a quick calculation, I have in the neighborhood of 400 books. Life's Little Instruction Book was a gift when I was 12, and I probably will never open it again. I have a book of paintings by Jonathan Winters (yes, the comedian). I'm saving software I will never use again. I like the idea of having a working 386 to play games on, but some of what I still have... is ridiculous.

We'll see what kind of feedback I get on this auction. If I get reamed out by an idiot who had higher expectations of "stuff," it may just go to St. Vincent de Paul's or Goodwill. If I get positive feedback (and frankly, it won't be any better than "wow, I sure got a box of stuff all right."), I may do this again. I'd offer it to you, but trust me: if it's lame enough for me to get rid of, it's lame enough for you not to want. I probably won't get rid of any of the things I just mentioned, 'cept maybe Life's Little Instruction Book.

I think I know what somewhat nice things I'll throw in the box: a Transformers VHS and an ubercheap Sharp PDA. It wasn't ubercheap when it was new, and our buyer can always give it to his nephew when he figures out that only the lower half of the screen is touch-sensitive. I'd throw in that DVD of Wild Things that I never watched, but we're already pushing $45 retail value.
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