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I'll swashbuckle any landlubber me sees, ye scurvy dogs!

This has to be short because I have to sleep.

I just got back from Thea's pirate party. It doesn't matter that you don't know who Thea is. The short answer would be that she's somebody I knew in high school and with whom I lost touch shortly after I graduated. Anyway, she and Monica had a Pirate Party and attendees were encouraged to dress and talk as pirates.

I do not have pirate garb. The only Ren Faire garb I have is more suited to minstrelsy than piracy. The closest thing I have to a bandana is a white handkerchief which is far to small to be tied around my head Gumby-style. The only swords I have are plastic and light up when you squeze them. This is all fine (or so I thought) because Monica had told me I could get away with not dressing up.

I was the only non-pirate. I put on the button Nick and Liz gave me for my birthday (thanks, by the way -- it came in handier than you probably expected it to) and went as a software pirate. Anyway, I had a good time, despite the bonfire smoke giving me an incredible splitting headache. evil_jim was there, and tlhinganhom showed up with Collin a bit later. Keith and Lindsay were there. The never-before-mentioned-in-my-livejournal Caleb put in an appearance which suprised everybody. The geek in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, what with all the Star Trek/Rocky Horror/Monkey Island/Invader Zim/Tomita/Anime/robots/DDR talk going on. It was wonderful.

Now I collapse.
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