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"So uh, you got a desk under all that crap?"

I had to move my desk this morning. The company's adding twenty more customer service reps, and those of us who handle dispute resolution are being squeezed into a smaller space. I'm complaining about this, but I really have no right to do so -- the only other parts of the building that have this much space are frequently used as meeting places with clients.

Nevertheless, the move isn't something I was looking forward to. I was alerted to it about two weeks ago, which is unusual. I've been moved twice before, and each time the warning has come about five minutes prior. This time though, since we're adding a whole bunch of people, they had the foresight to warn those of us who would be affected.

Well, they warned some of us who would be affected.

We used to have three network support guys, but one accepted a lower-level job to save his own sanity, and the Grand High Big Network Guy (his actual title) just left the company to pursue a different career. The single network guy we do have came upstairs today to move my PC, and explained that he'd expected to move one PC today, and just found out that he had to move fourteen. Needless to say, he was a little pissed off.

While he as moving all that stuff and setting up my phone extension, I emptied all my drawers and cabinets into boxes. Those who read my June 11th journal entry probably remember the long list o' crap that I had at my desk... That list comprised only the things on top of my desk. Today I went through my drawers and cabinets and... well, I'm only here for two and a half more hours. I won't have enough time to list all the stuff that I found.

Anyway, it's all moved to the new desk now. Most of it's been put away, too. My cubicle still looks like Pee-Wee's playhouse, though.

Oh, incidentally, does anybody know where I can buy a mannequin head? I have the perfect place to keep it here.
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