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Guess what kids! You now get instant messaging at work! And you won't like it!

My Thursday night plans fell through. Does anybody want to come over and entertain me? No, I didn't think so. I'll probably end up doing some cleaning and watching Annie Hall.

Anyway, I took a couple of hours off from work this morning with the intent of sleeping in. Of course I wasn't actually able to sleep because I didn't make the decision to come in late until this morning. By the time I'd made the phone call, I was too awake to fall back asleep. Instead, went back to bed, thought about sleeping, and got up around 9:30. It was nice. I'll probably do this at least a couple more times before the year is out because I have a couple of days worth of personal and sick time which I'll lose otherwise.

Once I got to work I got a lot done, which was pretty rockin'. Somebody was ordering lunch from Chang Jiang, so I got some hot and sour soup. My fortune was "You will have a secret and romantic experience tonight," but that doesn't seem terribly likely. In the afternoon I had to go to a training session about the upcoming upgrade to the new version of Lotus Notes which, for those unafamiliar, is a glorified e-mail/scheduling client from IBM. The meeting lasted about two hours but could have been summarized in a few sentences:
Okay folks, you're getting the new version of Lotus Notes in a couple of days and it's gonna be substantially different from the one you have now. Two major changes. Number one, the old version is colorful, but the new one is all done in pastel shades of blue. Number two, you now have instant messaging capabilities which you won't want to use because IM sessions will be logged and never deleted. Also, it costs us a licensing fee to play a sound or pop up a new window with in incoming message, so we won't be doing that. Also, if you're using Jabber or AIM or Trillian or any of those other IM programs, be advised that they will no longer work when the new version of Notes is rolled out.
That's pretty much what the meeting was about, and that last little bit was totally serious. They have to pay a ridiculous number of licensing fees on all of the little features of the software. I'm sure they're opting to do it so that they can keep instant messaging within the company, but there are equally secure ways to acheive the same results which also happen to be free.

Oh, well. Anyway, the lecture wasn't terribly technical, but most of it went over the heads of the attendees. I was fine, but as a general rule of thumb, if everybody's eyes light up when you explain that "folder" and "directory" refer to the same thing, you need to dumb your talk down a little. If your audience stops you to ask where they can find their local drives ("Are they like downstairs, or are they in Milwaukee?") and whether a 3.5" floppy and a hard disk are they same thing, chances are they won't know how to set their virtual memory preferences.

Anyway, the training was totally useless. Nobody learned anything because they're either fairly computer savvy or fairly computer illiterate. I went into the training alert and attentive. Now I'm just tired.
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