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Colin the Vampire Slayer Magnetizer

Today was uneventful, but I had a pretty weird dream last night.

I was being chased around by an incredibly attractive red-haired vampire hunter who was followed everywhere she went by her own theme music. I kept trying to explain to her that I'm not a vampire, but she didn't believe me. Eventually I got her into a position where she was locked in a room, but we could converse through the door. When she wouldn't listen to me, I lost my temper and threatened to use my *magical powers* (I'm not sure why or how I manged to have *magical powers*...). She tried to stake me through the door, so I cast a permanent spell on her causing her hands to become magnetized, and her feet to float three inches from the floor. She told me I was being unfair and that I'm "the reason the civil rights movement failed" and that she couldn't use her laptop until I "fixed" her hands. I asked her what was wrong with her hands, and she flashed me the International Symbol of Discontent. There was a lot of yelling and name-calling, and then I woke up.

I tried the magnetic hands thing on a couple of my coworkers, but it didn't work.

After work I practiced with Offbeat. We're working up a pretty good-sized repertoire, which scares me a little because I only kinda (sorta) know the songs, (more or less). This should not be a huge problem -- I have CDs which I can put on repeat until I learn the bass parts. Next week we'll be giving an unpublicized performance at an as-yet-undecided location. I'm scared. It's fine.
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