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We're turning again

Dinner at the parents' house this evening. When I got home, I found a postcard from one evil_jim waiting for me. The illustrated side features this picture. The inside of the postcard reads:

Don Quixote: Don Quixote in his Library FRONT: An original design for the Lincoln
Memorial was passed over for a more sombre one.

To my Jolly Good Fellow,
The old man and I have arrived in our nation's capitol
and are enjoying the sights and sounds of a city I
have only until now known through picture books and
photo representations.  - I say, if we don't learn
this fabulous metro-rail system soon, I will
need new shoes by week's end!
Visited the National Air & Space Museum today and
visited with John Glen on display.
I would write more but it would appear this post card
provides somewhat less space than even I had first
been imagining.
                Yours etc.,
                Jim XXXXXX
(Feel free to reprint some, all, or none of this
in your wonderful journal).


Colin Gagnon Esq. III, M.D.
Wait a tic, I could have
written more here.
D__n my eyes!
See you soon, ol' chap!
Be sure to delight the
ladies in my abisence.
Anyway, it sounds like he's having a good time in D.C., just as I plan to up north this weekend. This'll probably be my last entry before I leave, so I won't even see my journal until Sunday night. If you've been wanting to deface my livejournal, this is your chance. My password is "MisterGentlefinger."

Oh, and:
You are Henry Winkler!
You're Henry Winkler!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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