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October 6th, 2004

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09:59 pm - ...one dead, unjugged fruit smoothie later...
Well, that was really 'orrible.

Ich bin packen fur der weeken enden. Ellen and I are going up to Door County on Friday morning, but I have to pack (at least a little) tonight because I'll be busy tomorrow night. Music is a big part of packing because we're going to be spending so much time in the car, and much as I like Nirvana and the Afghan Wigs, I can only listen to so much of them. I tried to keep my pile of CDs small, but somehow I can't bring fewer than nine (she'll probably bring five -- one Tori Amos, one Nirvana, one Afghan Wigs, something synth-poppy, and something classical). Here's my list in no particular order:
7. Blue Öyster Cult -- Workshop of the Telescopes
3. Crash Test Dummies -- God Shuffled His Feet
9. Phish -- Hoist
5. Frank Zappa -- We're Only In It For The Money / Lumpy Gravy
6. They Might Be Giants -- The Spine
1. Zoltabrane
8. Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego?
4. Emerson, Lake & Palmer -- Brain Salad Surgery
2. Camper Van Beethoven -- Telephone Free Landslide Victory
Glancing through that list, I see three things I actually want to listen to, and six consolation prizes in case Ellen gets bored with Golden Age of Leather. That's the backup plan, though. My hope is that she'll look at the selection and decide that she could do much worse than BÖC, Zappa and TMBG. I know all the tricks.

Incidentally, the Carmen Sandiego CD is excellent. I borrowed it from the library years ago to hear the Brian Dewan song, fell in love with the album (which so totally does not suck), and was terribly dismayed to find that it had gone out of print when I tried to buy it. Eventually it turned up at Disc-Go-Round, and it was with no small amount of trepidation that I took it up to the dog-collar-wearing, Aquanet-white spiky haired, gentleman with about fifteen pounds of piercing in his face. He took one look at it and went "Oh, dude. Have you heard this? It's awesome. I'd have snagged it for myself if I'd known we had it."
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention -- What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

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Date:October 8th, 2004 09:08 am (UTC)
Dude, could I listen to that sometime?
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Date:October 8th, 2004 01:11 pm (UTC)
Sure. I assume you're talking about the Carmen Sandiego CD, right? It's mostly Rockapella, but there are a few guest artists that do original songs. It's "children's music," but only because the emphasis of the lyrics is on geography.

Anyway, being sick isn't cool. Feel better.
Garmonbozia for the soul.

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