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Friggin' kids and half of October's MP3

Ellen and I did not make it to the play last night, on account of her being physically and emotionally drained from work. She didn't think she'd be able to give a play (or a movie, or TV or a fight with Moofasa) the requisite attention it deserves. We did, however, make it to Uno's where we were seated next to a table full of obnoxious children who had just been delivered their dessert.

About forty minutes after we came in, a man walked over to out table, placed a small, white object next to me, said "I believe this is one of your kids," and walked away. I had no idea what the hell this meant until I examined the object and found it to be a spitball. I walked over to the guy and his date (who were both very visibly angry), corrected his apostrophe use, and told him that the kids weren't mine. In the middle of this exchange his date stood up, stormed over to the kids' table, and demanded "WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?" in caps, boldface, italics and underlined. If the place hadn't already been noisy, her font size would have been larger, too.

By the time I was getting back to our table the parents were sternly packing up their kids. When we arrived it looked as if their parents had ordered dessert for them to stretch out the after-dinner conversation, which means the kids had probably been ready to go long before dessert came out. Next time maybe a babysitter would be a good idea.

But um, anyway, October's MP3 of the Month is up. Well, half of it is, anyway. There are gonna be two of them. About a week ago I was reminded of a book of children's poems I had when I was a kid called Egg Thoughts by Russell Hoban. Two of the poems -- listed under the heading "Songs for TV Shows I Would Like to See" -- were the theme songs for Doctor Vampire and Mister Skeleton. I've set Doctor Vampire to music, and the theme from Mister Skeleton will be coming later in the month.

Incidentally, my original plan for October's MP3 was going to be a cover of Titties 'n' Beer (the Frank Zappa song about the biker who meets the devil, not that stupid Rodney Carrington thing), but it wasn't going very well. If you're still itching to hear Titties 'n' Beer, check out this live version by an FZ cover band called Bogus Pomp.
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