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"...or bidding on eBay for Cleveland, Ohio..."

You know that girl at the used music store whom you keep telling me you want to have sex with? Well, two of you do, and she likes the announcement on my voicemail. She called me while I was at work yesterday to tell me that a CD I'd requested a hold on had come in. When I went to the store, she explained that she'd called back after leaving the message so that her coworkers could hear my greeting. It's the "turning all of my socks inside out" line. Gets 'em every time. Yessir, I was feelin' purty good about m'self when after she told me that, the guy at the register started discussing Frank Zappa with me.

But um, I digress. What I was going to say is that it occurs to me that I've had the same (clever) voicemail announcement for like, four years. I should really change it, but I can't think of anything good. I like the "The Silly Voice Repository is closed but you may record your deposit" thing, but it's already been done. I'm also hesitant to change it because I love getting the occasional message from somebody I don't know telling me that this was the best wrong number they've ever dialed. Still, Tom (and others) are really good at pointing out that I should record something different.

I'll come up with something. Maybe.
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